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Publishing house «TELESPUTNIK»

The Telesputnik Publishing House was launched more than 20 years ago when in 1995 it presented its monthly Tele-Sputnik to the market. Since then, the range of information projects of the publishing house was supplemented by a number of thematic media dedicated to digital TV, multimedia, media consumption, various video signal propagation media, multi-service broadband networks, Internet of Things (IoT), electronics and microelectronics for “smart houses” and “smart cities” as well as accompanying information and communication technologies.

Our periodicals write about a wide range of business and technology issues. The main projects of the publishing house are the Tele-Sputnik magazine and the website Telesputnik.ru. Every year, we also present a number of special projects timed to coincide with the most large-scaled events in the industry such as the CSTB Exhibition or the IBC International Forum.

Besides that, the publishing house actively develops the series of annual business forums, conferences and roundtables in the interests of the market. We are creating an influential Russian media and communications platform on business and technologies in the field of digital TV, multimedia and the Internet of Things.


The Tele-Sputnik monthly is about the pay-TV markets, multimedia content, media consumption in various video signal propagation media, multi-service broadband networks, Internet of Things, electronics and microelectronics for “smart houses” and “smart cities” as well as many associated issues of great interest or pressing concern for the broadcasting or telecommunication industries.

The magazine presents information to the readers in various formats — analytical reviews of various market segments, authors’ notes about important and interesting events and trends, articles by experts, interviews with top managers of the leading companies, reports from the main forums in the industry and news.

Results of independent testing of various kinds of user’s equipment, for example, TV-tuners and mobile devices, take an important place in the magazine. The frequency table for satellite TV channels, published in every issue, informs readers about broadcasting from all satellites covering the territory of all states of the former USSR.

The target audience of the magazine is top managers and specialists in technologies from TV-companies, producers and distributors of content, installers and adjusters of satellite and off-the-air reception systems, system integrators, manufacturers and distributors of the head-end station and network equipment for TV-networks, Internet providers and VSAT networks operators, representatives of associations in the industry and state bodies.


This project is independent though it thematically continues the concept of the Tele-Sputnik magazine. One of its tasks is quick reaction to important for the industry events. Broadly speaking, Telesputnik.ru is an information platform for representatives of the TV industry, OTT market and specialists in the Internet of Things: the source of news, facts, analytics and experts’ opinions. But at the same time it is also a space for dialogue, working out opinions and looking for solutions. Because of that if you’re ready to share your opinion, experience, point of view about this or that problem in the industry, you can always discuss a possibility of publication of your section or article on Telesputnik.ru.

The renewed version of the Telesputnik.ru website has been operating since February, 2017.


One of the priority focal areas of the Telesputnik Publishing House’s activities is arrangement and conducting business events – conferences, roundtables, webinars – on a wide range of issues. Thorough knowledge of professional subjects gives us an opportunity to conduct interesting and exclusive events dedicated to the issues of pressing concern at the international level for managers, specialists in technology and commerce of the broadcasting, telecommunication and related industries.

Our events are not only a source of useful information about the industry but also a venue for business meetings and sharing of experience by experts. Thanks to the established partners’ relations with the leading companies on the market, we can invite the leading experts who can share analytical information of great interest or pressing concern, recommendations and the best practices.


Every year the Telesputnik Publishing House presents a number of special projects timed to coincide with the most large-scaled forums in the industry. In particular, we prepare the Telesputnik. Content newspaper for the CSTB Exhibition. The topics of great interest or pressing concern are presented in it, dealing with regulation of the industry and market trends as well as interviews with managers of the leading companies.


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